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The sports activity with a difference

Transition Year Programme

Join us for a uniquely fun Transition Year experience!


The Activity With A Difference!

Our TY programme consists of 4-6 week mondules, depending on the numbers participating. Students will learn a new skill in a friendly and safe environment, with lots of games on the slopes once the basics have been mastered. 

Lessons will take students from complete beginners through improvers, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on attendance and ability. An achievement card is filed for each student to measure their progress on a weekly basis, which can be kept at the end of their term. We have 6 levels of progression, and beyond! A Ski Certificate of Competence is also awarded to students on completion of the module.

All ski equipment is included with the programme, but we recommend that tracksuits are worn and thick sports/ski socks are brought along to wear underneath the boots.




  • One slope: 1-9 students (duration: 60 mins) €90 flat fee
  • Two slopes: 10-18 Students (duration: 60 mins) €100 - €180
  • Three slopes: 19-27 students (duration: 2 hours) €190 - €270 [They will have 2 slopes for 1 hour and then 1 slope for 1 hour]
  • Four slopes: 28-36 students (2 hours) €280 - €360 [They will have 2 slopes for 2 hours]

Progression Levels

  1. Managing equipment; (boots, skis, poles), getting used to moving down the slope on skis, slowing down and stopping
  2. Changing direction, snowplough turns
  3. Narrower more defined snowplough turns with lots of movement
  4. Phase 1 Parallel turns
  5. Phase 2 Parallel turns
  6. Phase 3 Parallel turns (matching skis throughout the turn)
  7. Beyond: Advanced parallel, carving

Group Sizes

For each student to get 2 x 10min slots (20mins each) it is advisable to have a maximum of 20 students per hour. If schools would like to accommodate larger groups of up to 40 a day, visits can be split easily into early/late morning, or morning and afternoon. Otherwise, students will be off the slope too long and can lose interest!

Other Information

  • An Achievement Card is filed at the Ski Centre for each student to measure their progress on a weekly basis which students keep at the end of their term.
  • A Ski Certificate of Competence is awarded to the students on completion of the module.
  • Schools are welcome to video/record the sessions for inclusion on their website with parental consent.

Everything your school needs to learn & have fun!

Our sessions, technology & equipment allow us to provide an experience like no other. Safety comes first, then enjoyment, learning and improvement.

30 Minutes Full On Skiing per session

30 minutes per hour skiing, compared to a typical 5 minutes on average outdoor slope.

Equipment Provided & Tested

All the equipment you will need is included. Just bring some thick socks!

Suitable For All Ages & Levels

We cater for all levels, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier.

Expert Skiing Instructors

Qualified instructors with max 3 per group compared to typical 8 for other indoor slopes.


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